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Welcome to #SheOwned SPEAKS!

Cheers to our JORDAN year Queens! 

Valerie Diaz and Gelly Guzman here

We are excited to announce the launch of our #SheOwned Speaks Blog Series, a space where you can expect to see all things #SheOwned channeled through the transformative power of storytelling and its potential to raise awareness and bring about change by the community, for the community. 
This year we are choosing to use our own perspective as a passport to new adventures.

As the co-chairs of the #SheOwned initiative, our mission is to connect with every women-owned business or brand in Miami-Dade, provide a platform with resources, tools, and opportunities to amplify your mission, accelerate your business, foster meaningful relationships among members in the community, and equip you to design the life you so much deserve- and feels good to you. 
We invite you to be curious, see, hear, and feel the energy with the WCC by your side.  

We each hold unique talents and gifts that allow us to fulfill our purpose. The more you are seen, the more awareness you can raise. The more awareness you build, the more power you hold. Power comes with weight. Power unlocks access. And access provides a window, a door, and an opportunity for another dream to come true.

Having the right circle of women around you is honestly the biggest life upgrade- Do you agree?
We urge you to get involved with all things #SheOwned- Catch us lighting the way from all of Miami-Dade county and beyond. 

If you would like to be featured in the #SheOwned Speaks Series, feel free to reach out to Valerie or Gelly at

Keep in mind WE believe in the power of your story!
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