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Celebrate #SheOwned This October!

Hello #SheOwned Queens! 

October is National Women’s Small Business Month – A month where we dedicate our time and resources to celebrate the incredible achievements and strides made by all things #SheOwned- the women in our WCC community. 

As we walk into Q4, let’s center our intentions on gratitude, reflection, and relentless support for the entrepreneurial dreams of the #SheOwned women around us.

Here at the Women’s Chamber of Commerce (WCC), our #SheOwned category proudly amplifies the voices and mission of all things women-owned. We are devoted to shining a spotlight on the resilience, innovation, and passion of our #SheOwned queens.

Check out 3 simple ways to support #SHEOWNED

  1. Champion Women’s Products and Services The first step is simple yet powerful: Buy from women-owned businesses. Whether it’s a local boutique, an online e-commerce platform, or a service-based business, it’s choosing to place your purchasing power on #SheOwned

  • Every dollar spent is a vote of confidence, a nudge towards growth, and a sign of a community that backs its women.

  1. Engage with #SheOwned on Social Media Our monthly blog series and Instagram lives are tailored to provide platforms, tools, and resources for our #SheOwned community. 

  • Your ‘likes’, ‘shares’, and ‘comments’ are more than just metrics; they are affirmations.

  1. Mentor, Guide, and Share Knowledge Remember the age-old saying, “Give a woman the right shoes, and she can conquer the world?” Let’s tweak it a bit: “Give a woman the right mentor, tools, and knowledge, and she can revolutionize the world.”

  • Collaborate, host workshops, or simply be there to answer questions. Your guidance could pave the way for the next big women-led venture.

Special Feature Opportunity: 

If you are a woman in business or know someone whose story deserves to be highlighted, we have exciting news for you! Reach out to us, your dedicated #SheOwned co-directors, Valerie Diaz and Gelsandra Guzman, at for a special feature. 

To our #SheOwned community, thank you for being the trailblazers, the risk-takers, and the dreamers.

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