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May is for Motorcycle Awareness!

Catch us unleashing the road goddess: Our Motorcycle Awareness Month edition featuring our board member Jordana, and her mission to advocate for safe riding!

May is here, and it’s not just about flowers blooming and birds singing—it’s also Motorcycle Awareness Month! A time dedicated to spreading the word about motorcycle safety and the importance of precaution on the road.

In this blog, we take a thrilling twist by spotlighting Jordana—a remarkable member of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and an avid advocate for motorcycle safety and awareness. 

Get ready to learn more about Jordana’s journey: including her mission, life challenges, purpose, community involvement, and the true impact that matters most to her and our community, while riding responsibly!

  • Tell us a little about yourself on a professional + personal level

After 16 years at Perry Ellis, I am now responsible for managing the imports and trade finance areas. My job entails overseeing international trade transactions and overseeing all oversea shipments. Working closely with vendors, suppliers, and distributors alike, my aim is to ensure smooth operations and timely payments.

In addition to my professional role, I am also an active member of the community. I founded Young Dreams Community Outreach, a non-profit organization that aims to empower underprivileged youth and families in Miami-Dade County. My passion for philanthropy stems from my desire to give back to society and make a positive impact on the lives of others. Through Young Dreams, we provide educational resources and programs, and community outreach initiatives to help bridge the gap between underprivileged youth and their dreams. Our programs aim to instill values of leadership and empowerment.

  • What does community mean to you? How have you been able to cultivate a loyal community with impact?

Being able to witness the impact of my work on the community is one of the most rewarding experiences. Seeing people’s faces light up with joy and hope is priceless. I believe that we can bring positive change in our community by empowering people and creating a network of support. The community also means unity to me. Together, we can create a powerful force of change. It’s essential to build strong relationships with people from all walks of life and find common ground to work towards a better future. Collaboration and unity are vital for a thriving community. A community is not just a group of people living in the same place. It’s about connecting and supporting each other to build a better tomorrow. To me, it’s about being compassionate, spreading love, and giving back.

  • Let’s talk about Motorcycle Safety and the level of priority this plays in your life?

In 2021 my life partner, father to my children and best friend was fatally struck. A vehicle making a left did not yield properly and failed to see him approaching while crossing an intersection. I realized how there was a lack of education on how to safely share the road with motorcyclists in Florida. I started by creating a social media page to share information about motorcycle safety and awareness. I shared statistics and facts about the dangers of motorcycles on the road and how small acts of awareness can make a big difference in preventing accidents. I then met with LookTwiceNC, an organization founded by Catherine Terwilliger, who is a passionate advocate for motorcycle safety. During my meeting with LooktwiceNC, Catherine provided me with guidance on how other states are promoting motorcycle safety and awareness. We discussed the strategies used by the organizations and the effectiveness of their campaigns. I believe that it is important to turn negative situations into something positive, and by advocating for motorcycle awareness, I hope to help prevent future accidents and save lives. I know that I cannot bring back my life partner and best friend, but by making sure that others are aware of the challenges that motorcyclists face on the road, I hope to turn a tragedy into a triumph.

  • What is Respect the Ride?: Mission and Collaboration with Young Dreams Community Outreach

The Respect the Ride program was created by Young Dreams Community Outreach providing comprehensive education to high school students, new drivers, and other community members to promote road safety and awareness. The program includes classroom discussions and interactive activities that highlight the importance of sharing the road safely with motorcyclists. We believe that young drivers and potential drivers should be equipped with the knowledge and skills to share the road with motorcyclists, prevent accidents, and protect lives. Our program focuses on highlighting the unique challenges faced by motorcyclists on the road and educates drivers on best practices to avoid collisions involving motorcycles. We are grateful to have the support and partnership of the Florida Highway Patrol. Through our Respect the Ride program, we aim to create a culture of safety and awareness on our roads and reduce the number of accidents that result in injuries and fatalities. We believe that by working together, we can create a safer and more respectful environment for everyone on the road.

  • You have an upcoming Mural Reveal Ceremony in collaboration with artists and students- Can you talk to us about the mission and impact of this project?

 The mural will feature a powerful and eye-catching design that promotes the importance of motorcycle safety and awareness. It will include images of motorcycles and drivers, as well as messages that reinforce the importance of safely sharing the road and being aware of other drivers. We want the mural to capture the attention of anyone passing by and raise awareness about this important issue.I believe that this mural will be an asset to the community and will help to make the roads safer for everyone. By partnering with The Motivational Edge, we are also able to provide a valuable opportunity for local youth and staff to showcase their artistic talents and get involved in an important community project.I want to thank Molina HealthCare and Commissioner Alex Diaz de la Portilla for their support towards Respect The Ride and the Mural initiative. Your support will surely make a positive difference in achieving our goals.

  • How can we get involved and support these creative arts students?

By showcasing the students’ artwork and offering appreciation and supportive feedback, we can uplift and strengthen their efforts. Additionally, we aim to extend tokens of gratitude to acknowledge their valuable contributions to this community initiative.

  • What’s one major lesson you’ve learned working with community leaders, organizations, and businesses?

I gained the understanding that there are no limits to what can be achieved. Have faith in your goals and take the initiative to approach influential figures, and community leaders in the community and corporate sector. Your enthusiasm will pave the path to success.

  • What do you love most about working with the younger generation?

Empowering and mentoring the next generation is something I am passionate about because they represent our future. Witnessing their growth and teaching them to have faith in themselves brings me joy. Ensuring the youth feel valued and motivated is crucial, as it enables them to be self-assured and thrive in their lives.

  • Please share with us any upcoming events, initiatives, and ways to support and  get involved with you

In May, we’re introducing the Respect the Ride Program which will be accessible to schools nationwide. Additional details about the program are available at Moreover, we’re focusing on our yearly back-to-school campaigns to equip underprivileged children and families with essential materials for the upcoming academic year. If you’re interested in helping us with our community endeavors, please visit for upcoming events and volunteering inquiries.

As Motorcycle Awareness Month unfolds, we celebrate the passion and commitment of advocates like Jordana, who champion safety and precaution first. Jordana, a remarkable member of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce, epitomizes the spirit of empowerment and advocacy, reminding us all of the joy and responsibility that comes with hitting the road on two wheels. 

So gear up, ride safe, and let’s make every month Motorcycle Awareness Month, keeping the roads safer for all riders!

Staying committed together 365 days a year!


Contact Info:

Jordana Zarut | Founder & Philanthropy Director | Young Dreams Community Outreach 

PH: 786.873.6322

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