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Celebrating #BlackExcellence 365 days a year!

Our #SheOwned category was conceptualized to represent the greatness that exists within our community and to establish a vehicle to share the stories of women who are making a difference and changing communities. 

In honor of #BlackHistoryMonth, we gathered nuggets of wisdom from different Black women business owners. These women serve as an example of perseverance, dedication, and hustle. With great admiration, we share pieces of their stories to inspire you to bet on yourself, to incentivize you to purchase Black-owned, and to join us as we continue to share the stories of a dialogue that truly matters! 

These women truly embody the spitting image of resilience as they navigate adversity, entrepreneurship and so much more! 

Meet Safie da Costa Soares
Safie is the founder and CEO OF Gentleman AF, a beard care line using natural ingredients and essential oils. She created her company due to the lack of representation that exists within the beard care industry specifically for Black men. Today, she is breaking many barriers as she creates space for Black men and beyond to feel seen, represented, and uplifted. She is here to continue to offer more visibility to Black men in particular as a Black woman in business. We asked her, how can communities continue to support #BlackOwned Women-Led businesses and she shared with us “​​By continuing to give them an opportunity to tell their stories.” 

Meet Erica “Tica” Duroseau
Erica is the founder and CEO of Tica Rose Events, a luxury wedding event-designing boutique. She created her studio to provide her community full and partial planning to ensure her client’s needs are well met. She is known for being a master of logistics, and coordination and for always ensuring that everything goes according to plan. As a Black woman in business, one of her aspirations is to “showcase us in rooms we possibly would never be in.” Before becoming a business owner, she always knew she wanted to become the CEO of her life and do more of what she loves. 

Meet Miss Brittany Bridges
Brittany is the founder and CEO of SoulFlowYo Yoga Miami LLC, a place where the flow of yoga reaches your soul. She began her yoga journey five years ago and ever since, she has made a commitment to break through the stigmas that exist within the practice that yoga is solely done for the “skinny white” demographic. As a Black woman in business, she is to inspire Black and Brown people to embrace what yoga has to offer to enhance one’s lifestyle. 

We asked her how others can support #BlackOwned Women-Led businesses and she shares with us by “continuing to allow Black Female businesses to be accessible, as we continue to SPREAD AWARENESS. And most of all, show up”. 

Meet Chantéa Poole
Chantéa is the founder and CEO of Chantéa Nicole Photography. Her company specializes in getting mothers confidently back in front of the camera in their family, individual, and business portraits. She started her business because of a burning desire to take up space as a Black woman in the photography industry and because of her passion for motherhood, as a mom herself, she is to bring out the most confident version of themselves. Her mission “is to help build back that confidence for mothers that identify with this experience and have them see themselves the way their loved ones see them.” Chantéa shared with us that she strongly believes that “the way to continue the support of Black women business owners is by first acknowledging the ongoing biases and disparity that exists in regards to gender and race. Acknowledging that there is a gap is the first step to closing it. Sharing more information and resources aimed at the advancement of Black women business owners is needed! We also have to continue to make space at the ever-growing table of success.”

Meet Sonia Lewis
Sonia is the founder and CEO of Student Loan Doctor, LLC. She was never looking forward to the million-dollar business, instead, she began her business by serving her church community with their student loan debt in the form of coaching and counseling but the demand grew and she had no choice but to structure the business accordingly. She is a firm believer that “it’s necessary to be intentional to highlight and bring positive exposure to black female business owners. Also, allowing others to network and collaborate with each other is a must. If there is a way to introduce bigger brands to upcoming business owners, that would be a win.” One of her biggest accomplishments “is being an employer of 7 black women here in the US with above-average pay; I believe people on your team is the company’s biggest asset.”

Meet Whenda “Wanda” Tima
Wanda is the founder and CEO of L’union Media Group, an award-winning Haitian American lifestyle, tourism, culture, society, and entertainment digital media and marketing platform. She created her company because of her passion to honor her heritage and give back to her community. L’union Suite began as a personal project aimed to help other Haitian Diasporas who wanted to learn more about Haiti and its culture, and who often felt disconnected from the experience. She shared with us that as a woman-owned business that operates with a team of 95% women and works directly with 80% black-owned women brands, and businesses and highlights women, she serves as an example of what it means to break barriers for women around the world. An accomplishment she celebrates today is the fact that she has been able to open up to up two computer labs for high school students in Haiti. 

Meet Stacey Pierre
Stacey is the founder and CEO of SVP Law Firm, a company dedicated to providing legal solutions for creative problems. They offer a wide range of legal services, including trademark services, business consulting, contract drafting, business incorporation services, and more. They help their clients establish high standards for their businesses and bring their visions to life. She created her law firm due to the lack of legal knowledge that there is among creatives and entrepreneurs. She gains so much satisfaction from helping her clients understand and establish the legal aspect of their business. As she stated, “as women, we need to come together more and realize there is so much room for us all to win.” As a woman, who’s building a path for herself and her community, she shared with us that as a way to give back, she has several mentees whom she is helping navigate their legal journey. She will not stop there since she knows she needs to continue to raise the bar and break barriers” for generations to come. 

Meet Keymia Sharpe
Keymia is the founder and CEO of Key2MIA, a tourism business that offers tours and itineraries to those visiting Miami. The initiation of her business served as a moment for her to reclaim a piece of herself and prove to her community what she was truly capable of. As a Black woman in business, she shared with us simple things that you can do today to support and honor all things #BlackOwned. She stated that by reposting their names, mentioning their names in rooms full of opportunities, and purchasing Black Owned, you can have a great impact. 

Meet Sharonda Stewart
Sharonda is the founder and CEO of Sporty Mommas,  a lifestyle brand that inspires women to look and feel their best at any age. She began her business because as a stay-at-home mom of 3, she found herself lost and eager to create something for her legacy and other moms who may be feeling the way she felt. In 2009 she created Sporty Mommas and ever since she has had the opportunity to host numerous events, and fundraisers, and launch a cookbook and a line of t-shirts. During our time together, she shared with us that we can continue to support Black Businesses by buying our goods and services, sharing our businesses, and creating more funding.

These women continued to pave the way for Black women in business and beyond. We are thrilled to wrap up #Blackhistorymonth honoring them and their efforts as they serve as true examples of resilience. These stories share a common theme of women who are creating lasting legacies and making a difference. 

Let’s continue to celebrate #BlackExcellence 365 days a year! 
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