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Funding Female Futures with the WCC!

Updated: Jan 23

Walking into 2024 feeling FIERCE and UNSTOPPABLE! 

This month, we're diving into the world of entrepreneurship and finance, focusing on the unique challenges and opportunities that women face in these arenas. January is a time of new beginnings, goal setting, and renewed motivation. Yet, it's also a period when many aspirations risk fading away. Our aim is to equip you with the tools, resources, and insights necessary to leverage and maximize the opportunities within our amazing WCC community- and beyond. 

Interactive Financial Tools

To start, we're excited to share some invaluable interactive financial tools tailored for #sheowned entrepreneurs. These resources can help you estimate funding needs, and assess financial health:

  • Financial Health Checkup: Platforms like Mint and Personal Capital offer free tools to track and analyze your financial status.

  • Funding Needs Calculator: Websites like SCORE provide calculators that assist in estimating the amount of funding required to start or expand your business.

  • Budgeting Templates: Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel offer a variety of free budgeting templates that are perfect for keeping your finances in check.

Comprehensive Guide to Funding Sources

Understanding the funding landscape is crucial for our #sheowned entrepreneurs. Here's an overview of various funding options, tailored to empower and support your business journey:

  • Loans: The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers various loan programs. Loans can provide substantial funding, albeit with the responsibility of repayment.

  • Angel Investment & Venture Capital: For those seeking significant investment, consider networks like Golden Seeds and Female Founders Fund that specifically fund women-led businesses.

  • Crowdfunding: Platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo can be powerful tools for raising capital directly from the public.

  • Accelerators and Cohorts: Programs like Y Combinator, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program and Techstars offer funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

  • Specialized Funding Platforms:

  • IFundWomen: A go-to funding marketplace for women-owned businesses and startups. It offers a variety of funding options including grants and crowdfunding (IFundWomen).

  • Axis Helps: Tailored for Miami entrepreneurs, this platform provides local funding opportunities and resources (Axis Helps).

Application Tips:

  • Know Your Needs: Clearly understand the amount and type of funding your business requires.

  • Tell Your Story: Emphasize what makes your business unique, especially as a woman entrepreneur.

  • Prepare a Solid Pitch: Whether it’s for a loan, grant, or investment, a compelling pitch and business plan are essential.

  • Understand the Terms: Be it a loan, equity funding, or a grant, understand the terms and conditions thoroughly.

  • Network and Engage: Connect with funding platforms and potential investors through events, workshops, and online forums.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How do I determine the right kind of funding for my business?

  • Assess your business needs, risks, and growth stage. Grants and loans are generally safer but might not offer as much capital as venture funding.

  • Is it harder for women to receive funding?

  • Historically, yes, but the tide is turning. Leverage networks and platforms focused on supporting women entrepreneurs.

  • What should I include in my business plan when applying for funding?

  • Clearly outline your business model, market analysis, team, and financial projections. A strong executive summary is crucial.

Special Spotlight on Women in Finance within the WCC and Miami-Dade Community

  • Bria Harris: A certified CPA, Bria's expertise lies in helping businesses thrive financially. Contact her at or follow @impresstaxservice19, Facebook Impress Tax Service and twitter Impresstax. Her team offers free estimates and free consultation in regards to business and personal financial matters. 

  • Katia Chesnok: From ex-banker to money expert, Katia (@economikat) offers brilliant money and life hacks for living richly.

  • Yamelys Santana: At the helm of Yamelys Santana State Farm, she and her team provide tailored financial plans for security and peace of mind. Reach out via or follow @myagentys.

These women are all here to serve, support and uplift you in your money journey! 

The Women's Chamber of Commerce is more than a network; it's a community where ambition meets action, where dreams are nurtured into reality. We encourage you to explore these resources, reach out to our highlighted #sheowned queens, and actively participate in our community events. 

Here's to a year of growth, success, and #SheOwned triumphs!

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